Video: Von Pea : Thanks For Your Children featuring Elucid and Che Grand

A little under a year ago, Von Pea released the single "Thanks For Your Children," one of the more serious tracks off his album, Pea's Gotta Have It, which mostly deals with lighthearted, nostalgia-fueled songs about his high school days. "The title only plays off of the vocal sample, it's not about children at all," says Von Pea. "It is a departure from the mostly conceptual album and simply a lyrical exercise."

The song has remained a fan favorite after all these months, and so, Von Pea is now putting out a visual compliment to the song, and has brought along guest MCs Elucid and Che Grand for the ride. With photographer Rich Louissaint filming and directing, the three Lessondary crewmembers took to the dimly lit streets of Brooklyn's Fort Greene and Bushwick neighborhoods for the shoot. Ominous shots of playground rules and crosswalk signs interweave the "children" part of the song into the black-and-white video. And instead of showcasing the antagonists rapped about, the three MCs, or, as they allude to, heroes, are the only people featured, along with a brief cameo by Von Pea's Tanya Morgan comrade Donwill.

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