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The Real Frequency crew first joined forces on radio, featuring up and coming local Toronto talent and eventually becoming the premier hip-hop show on Canada's first urban radio station. Since, the collective has moved on to new, exciting endeavors with the center piece being their debut album, The New North, a project that continues the tradition the guys started on the airwaves, featuring over 30 artists that best represent Toronto's new era of hip-hop. The other week saw the release of the album's first single, Shad's Frank Dukes-produced "Flawless," and now, rapper/producer Rich Kidd is helming the album's second single, "Represent," bringing MC's King Reign, Shaun Boothe, and Richie Sosa along as the four budding lyricists put on for their city.

In addition to laying a verse, Rich Kidd's name appears again on the song's credits, having also lent his production efforts, and it's his beat - a mix of soulful string- and vocal-driven chops with a bouncing bass line and effected vocal sample on the hook - that drives the track forward, as the rappers show their hometown pride with lines like, "I can't leave /so if I ever blow this where I'm shining." "Represent' is song where dudes from each end of our city get to lay down some fatal bars," explains Rich Kidd. "It ain't us trying to out rap each other; we're all spitting our own styles, letting you know where we got it from."

Joining the new single is a video, with Rich Kidd breaking down what Real Frequency and The New North represents for him ("To show this music to the world."), the rising talent and awareness of the Toronto hip-hop scene, and much more.

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