SOTIRI 2011 - International competition for young photographers

Intimate Propaganda: Family photographs // Deadline: May 15, 2011

First Prize 1000 Euro

The Albanian heritage in the field of photography is part of the Balkan heritage as well. As an aspiring country to be part of European community, Albania turned its intention over the cultural tradition and heritage, to discover it, to study and promote these values, that are part of European and international cultural heritage. As such they deserve to find a place in the human creativity heritage.

Call for Applications

Visual artists under the age of 35 working with lens-based media are invited to apply for Sotiri Prize 2011 until May 15, 2011. The works of shortlisted artist, chosen by the curator of this year’s edition based on their quality and relevance to the topic of the competition, will be shown in the group exhibition at June 10, 2011 in the Gallery of Arts in Korca, Albania. A jury of experts will choose the winner.

1.About Sotiri Prize

‘Sotiri’ is an international competition for young photographers, organized by the Cultural Center Lindart in Tirana. Sotiri Prize is organized in partnership with the Municipality of Korca under the auspice of the Mayor Mr. Niko Peleshi.

The prize is named after the local photographer Kristaq Sotiri (1883-1970) who trained at the studio of the USA photographer Steckel. There he learned not only the basic techniques of photographic portraiture, but was also acquainted with the style of pictorialism, which was quite in fashion at the time. According to Francois Cheval, director of the Museum Nicéphor Niépce in France, Sotiri was a master in capturing the proper instant and in creating intelligent compositions of events and portraits of people of his city... These portraits gave Sotiri the opportunity to apply pictorialism, which makes the collection of his images a rare thing within the Albanian photography tradition.

Since 2008, young artists from all over the world are invited to Korça to show their best works in an exhibition and participate in the panel discussion. The Sotiri Prize aims to support new developments in the field of photography, both in Albania and internationally, as well as to promote the values of the Sotiri collection, as part of the Albanian photography heritage.

Concept : Intimate Propaganda : Family photographs
Curator : Anouck Durand, France

There are millions of family snap shots. Most of them are realized by amateurs and the families themselves. Whereas the families differ, the photographs are very alike. The chosen scenes are dependent on the same codes, representing happiness. To quote Martin Parr « most family photo albums are a form of propaganda, where the family looks perfect and everyone is smiling », How can we use or undo theses codes? By creating new setting with real or fictional families? By exploiting existing photography?
The expecting project may be new photographs, photos from family albums, mixed techniques (collage, paintings, montages are welcome).

Application Material :

In order to participate in the competition please send the following application material :
- Name and surname, address, telephone, email and website (if applicable)
- Project description – up to one A4 page
- CV with education, previous exhibitions, grants, awards etc – up to two A4 pages
- Visual documentation of up to 15 images in digital form (JPG, 72dpi, longer side max. 1200 pixel)
- Image identification list with technical details regarding your work

Deadline for applications : May 15, 2011

Please, send your application material to the following e-mail address:

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