mp3 : Moe Green "Masterpiece"

Moe Green : Masterpiece

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Moe Green is up cooking in the kitchen working on his full length LP, To Who It May Concern, which will drop later this year, while continuing to place the finishing touches on his latest, the Lionheart EP, which will drop in May as a free download.

"My heart beats for the mic needs me/ and when I get up in this game I hope she might keep me," raps Moe, even dropping a reference to Levar Burton's character from the 1970's mini-series, Roots. For Moe, the song is a show and prove moment, and a testament to both the strength of his lyrics and his quality of his songwriting abilities. "Every song I make, I'm trying to make is a masterpiece," says Moe matter-of-factly. "I love music, but the game can chew you up and spit you out, so it's important to make timeless music"

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