INTRAWELT, Galerie Lichtpunkt (Munich)

INTRAWELT, Galerie Lichtpunkt (Munich)

Roger Wardin // INTRAWELT // April 8, 2011 until May 20, 2011 // Galerie Lichtpunkt // Munich

In Roger Wardin's art, visions of the present and of the world are created in the form of experimental adaptation, and based on his own unique personal perspectives. However, they do not appear solipsistic. Much more so, they reflect the personal observations of his own contact and ongoing encounter and dialog with aesthetic, psychological, and sociological contemporary phenomena, which are not isolated from one another, but are all interconnected. Special graphic structures are used. Lights "burned into" the canvas, sometimes even appearing as mere balls of light, only allow one to discern light from darkness. Situations appear that seem like a still from a movie, frozen in their form. In his art, Roger Wardin formulates a model of subjective questioning and revelation, as a kind of self-experiment. Concretely, that means that he experiments with pre-existing, found models of observation and expression, which he investigates as an artist, and that he then further develops in his own medium of painting. He is always conscious of the fact that in converting one medium to another, specifically, images from the Internet or film into the reality of the painted picture always represents an adaptation or appropriation of forms, a translation, and an interpretation of contents.

Roger Wardin lives and works in Berlin. Mr. Wardin studied at the Stüdelschule in Frankfurt/Main, Germany under Professor Jörg Immendorf, and also studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste (Academy of Fine Arts) in Düsseldorf, also under Prof. Immendorf. After completing his Meisterschüler (master craftsman certification) in 2001 at the UDK in Berlin, he received grants from the Kulturfonds Foundation (Cultural Funding Foundation), the Karl-Hofer Gesellschaft (Karl-Hofer Society) in Berlin, the Columbus Art Foundation in Leipzig, Germany, and the Art and Spirit Program in Tessin, Switzerland. Mr. Wardin has participated in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad. His works have also been acquired by numerous public and private collections, among them the Hypo-Kunsthalle in Munich, and the Columbus Art Foundation in Leipzig and Ravensburg, Germany.

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