Recloose - Perfect Timing

Sonar Kollektiv

Folks outside of Detroit and New Zealand may not be familiar with Matt Chicone aka Recloose but ever since his debut "This Is The Dining Room" on Carl Craig’s Planet E records, his talents as a DJ and producer have been in much demand. That was followed up with two outstanding records, "Cardiology" and "Hiatus On The Horizon”" His fourth lp, "Perfect Timing" is a lot more funkier than some of his previous releases but in many ways it is an extension of Matt Chicone’s burgeoning talents. It’s apparent that the objective of this record is to make you dance and there are several selections worthy of that goal. There is also the usual assortment of talented vocalists here as well. "Catch A Leaf" is a nice piece of broken soul that features newcomer Rachel Frasier. "Can It Be" is a rousing electronic funk stomper that should find it’s way to many dance floors. Joe Dukie has worked with Recloose before and on “Deeper Waters” he is in top form. This is easily one of the best dub tracks I’ve heard in a while and should become a big hit. Recloose may have caught us by surprise when he first came on the scene but we’re well aware of his skills now. This is another fine release and a great signing for Sonar Kollektiv.

by Reg Dancy, Catchagroove

Basic-Soul Radio (UK)

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