Inevitable Injury - Pixeljunk Eden, Soul Calibur IV, Pineapple Express

This week in Movies:

Can Judd Apatow and his post-Freaks & Geeks Ap-Pack continue their run of comedy hits? Alex, Dan, and Jeff spark up Pineapple Express to find out if it is da kine.

David Fincher and Brad Pitt are teaming up once again for the high-concept film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The guys go gaga for the artful trailer.

This week in Video Games:

The Soul Calibur fighting game series has always been one of the deepest, and most visually impressive. The newest addition, Soul Calibur IV is the first for the current generation of consoles, and includes characters from the Star Wars universe. Can it revitalize the waning fighter genre?

The third Pixeljunk release on PSN is a genre-bending puzzler that just might be one of the most original, engaging, addicting, and well-designed games ever made. Alex, Dan, and Jeff get their grimp on and fall for Pixeljunk Eden.

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