The Days of Their Lives: Photographs by Seifollah Samadian

The Days of Their Lives: Photographs by Seifollah Samadian - absolutearts

2008-08-19 until 2008-09-12
Xerxes Fine Arts
London, UK

A series of extraordinary images documenting the lives of ordinary Iranians goes on show at Xerxes Fine Arts from August 19 through September 12, 2008. Seifollah Samadian's The Days of Their Lives explores the everyday existence of the Iranian populace, photographed as they participate in organised events and parades. At once haunting and provocative, the series of eighteen images reveals another face of Iran and offers a subtle socio-economic commentary on a world seldom seen by outsiders. Highly-regarded internationally as a cinematographer and art director as well as a photographer, who has worked with directors such as Martin Scorsese and Abbas Kiarostami, Samadian came to the forefront of critical attention in the wave of Iranian photography that gained momentum in the arts scene following the end of the Iran-Iraq war. In the drive to document events that followed, Samadian became Professor of Photojournalism at the University of Tehran and is today Publisher and Editor-in-chief of the Iranian cultural magazine, Tassvir.

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