Oliver Rodriguez-Kroll: Zirkus Stalin Zirkus Hollywood

2008-08-15 until 2008-09-13
Pool Gallery

Oliver Rodriguez-Kroll is primarily concerned with the darker sides of human existence - with both individual, relatively innocuous pain as well as with the limitless frenzy pervading the history of humanity. Stories of perpetrators, victims, followers... looking to artistically de-demonise the day-to-day madness, Oliver Rodriguez-Kroll constantly uncovers new findings: ranging from storm troopers out of the Star Wars saga (of which he had, as a child, gathered up to 300 plastic figurines in his room) to antique tin soldiers, disused lifestyle magazines and faded posters. All of these are a source of inspiration, templates or material for collages; they prompt him to counter the pervading contemporary banalisation of social issues with irony.

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