Traci Talasco

Traci Talasco // Detail of "Support System ", 2010 // 10 x 6 x 3 ft. // installation, red carpeting, architectural model parts, blue interior paint, moulding, chair rail.

"Throughout my art career I have created sculptures, installations, and video works. While the medium changes, there is a common theme dealing with romantic relationships, in a humorous way. As a wife and mother, I am navigating my way through the ups and downs of family life and have learned that things are not always as they appear. My personal experiences are the basis for my ideas.

Using home as a stage, the work focuses on communication issues between couples, societal expectations, and disappointments. The physical space of home, the objects we choose to decorate it, and the emotions we associate with it, all play a role. The work contains implied narratives that often straddle a line between humor and vulnerability. I frequently use construction materials and everyday objects such as plywood, carpeting, wallpaper, and coffee mugs. As part of my working process I either use writing as a springboard for my ideas, or I play with a material I am attracted to and work with its inherent associations."

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