pool gallery presents : "ICH WEISS DU HAST KEINE AHNUNG VON KUNST" new works by Ruby Anemic


"ICH WEISS DU HAST KEINE AHNUNG VON KUNST" RUBY ANEMIC // vernissage October 5, 2010 18 h – 21 h // exhibition October 6, 2010 until November 13, 2010

Ruby Anemic was born and raised in Berlin. He approaches subjects, examines objects, and conjugates verbs with an attitude that has become his hallmark : candor with a twist of cynicism, veracity with a hint of sarcasm and a giddy mirth that makes one wonder exactly who is the butt of the joke. Often succumbing to his hyperactive mind's tangential forays, his ideas customarily prompt excursions into and appropriations from a wide-spanning assortment of media and a long-running history of art. His inherent eye for aesthetics and penchant for interdisciplinarianism encourage marked melanges of the creative fields, his sundry objets d‘art teetering amid brows both high and low.

ICH WEISS DU HAST KEINE AHNUNG VON KUNST is Ruby‘s third solo exhibition at Pool Gallery.

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