Rosie Leventon (London)

Rosie Leventon // somewhere a door slammed.... 2009 - 10 // paperbacks // 182 x 147 x 150 cm

The books are paperbacks, mainly Romantic Novels that have titles like "Confessions of a Vicars Wife" and "Cold Heart Canyon". They have been formed brick-like into a rectangular tower which stands about 1.83 metres high. In it are regular shaped windows on 2 sides which allow a view into the interior. The titles of the books are visible on the outside of the walls, and looking through the windows people can see the pages of the books have been roughly carved - softened, so that they may look a bit like flat pieces of stone or an ancient ruin.

"Living in Central London as I do, we all live in or walk past huge tower blocks every day. But what do we know of the lives of all the people who live in the flats? Peoples lives in which so many major and minor events, joys and sorrows, are contained. References to archaeology and ancient cultures run right through my work, also looking through and behind the surface. I aim to provide a link between the present and contemporary life and the distant past."

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