Solo Debuts @ Bert Green Fine Art: Thomas Garner - Miguel Osuna - Michael Pearce


January 13, 2010 until February 27, 2010 // Bert Green Fine Art // Los Angeles, CA

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to present three artists who are having their solo debuts at BGFA - Thomas Garner: Paintings of Paintings; Miguel Osuna: The Commute Series; Michael Pearce: Two Installations. The exhibitions run from January 13 to February 27, 2010 at the Los Angeles gallery. Thomas Garner's paintings are a conceptual take on looking at historical painting. Miguel Osuna's Commute Series are paintings of space in motion. Michael Pearce debuts two site-dependent works, one sculptural and one a series of paintings, which employ ancient ideas about God and Man, and demonstrate personal journeys of the spirit.

Thomas Garner's composition is based on a distorting photograph, taken while moving the camera, of Baroque artworks. The resulting, blurred or distorted images, are then painted on stitched linen, sometimes with exposed seams or raw canvas areas. The result is an exploration of the way we look at art, including the glare, material substance, and original subject mater, all presented as equal parts of a whole.

The type of space that many people spend much of their time (in the car) remains largely unexamined and considered interstitial and mundane. Miguel Osuna celebrates these places, and any viewer knows exactly where that space can be found, as we have all been there many times.

Both of Michael Pearce's works use ancient methods of construction: clay, wood, gold, carbon. Pearce's practice is grounded in the earth while soaring free of cultural restraint.

In the Project Windows, Jerico Woggon's The Four Seasons is a four-part installation which will change with each season. Made of custom shapes and fluorecent paint, The Four Seasons interprets seasons fluctuation in a Woggon's signature graphic style, using color and black light. All gallery events are free and open to the public.

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