Let Fury Have the Hour

Let fury have the hour

Shepard recently did a collabo with Antonino D’Ambrosio and created artwork for his forthcoming documentary on The Clash that coincides with the Let Fury Have a Heartbeat exhibition that is now currently showing at Subliminal Projects. The print was released just last Thursday. It comes signed by both Shepard and author/director Antonino D’Ambrosio. Edition of 450, signed/numbered, $50. Limit 1 Per Person/Household.

Based on Antonino D’Ambrosio’s book, the documentary Let Fury Have the Hour considers a range of pressing concerns, using the Clash’s legacy as well as the creative-activism of artists, musicians, and citizens throughout the planet as a whole to address important issues like poverty, racism to environmental devastation and war. The documentary brings insight from people who believe in the power of the art culture to tackle these issues, and who promote a worldview that is inclusive, expansive, and dynamic.

The Clash

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