Galleria Uusitalo: "Carpe Diem" Paintings by Canal Cheong-Jagerroos

Canal Jagerroos- Nude IV
Nude IV // 2007 // Mixed Media // 50 x 50 X 3 cm

January 13, 2010 until February 7, 2010 // Galleria Uusitalo // Helsinki, Finland

Carpe Diem – paintings by Canal Cheong-Jagerroos opens next Wednesday January 13, 2010 with an opening reception 17h until 19h at Galleria Uusitalo in Helsinki. This show will run until February 7, 2010. "Often we are solemn and gloomy, preoccupied with our daily routine and we really have such dreary lives?" Canal Cheong-Jagerroos has become known for her unique Chinese motif of blending primitive and modern elements by incorporate with rice-paper and various different mixed mediums together. Galleria Uusiatalo is pleased to present Canal painting exhibition, featuring about 40 new pieces of her recent works.

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