Workshop: How To Start Your Fashion Company (Clothing + Accessories) Workshop - NYC

August 29, 2009 // 13:00 h - 15:30 h // New York, NY

You will learn:

How to start, structure, and form a working business plan, various options for your company structure, the proper licenses or registrations you will need. Learn how to get loans, financing, or grants, do's & don'ts of using your own money, and other helpful resources that will get the job done.

Developing, Producing, and Sourcing your Clothing and Accessories Line

How to get your ideas out of your head, even if you can't sketch, and made into an actual line - whether it's shoe, clothing, or accessories. Getting samples and patterns made, graded, and more. Find out how to secure fabric and trims, and to create development sheets. Learn the importance of timing and being able to deliver your products, spotting trends, conducting market research, and building a collection that will sell to retailers. Learn all of the options for selling your line, including trade shows, showrooms, sales reps, and more.

Marketing and Brand Identity

How to pick & register your business name, the importance of logos, trademarks, company image, and identity. Once you have that - how to target the right market based on what you are producing or offering to make sales.

$155: Premier Members // $175: Members

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