Workshop: How To Do PR + Get Write-ups In Magazines

This workshop is being taught by Ionia Dunn Lee, former Fashion Editor of Essence Magazine. She is a Fashion Specialist, Editor, and Educator. Her creativity has been seen in national and international magazines, fashion and beauty catalogs, advertising campaigns, on national television, music videos and live performances. Her versatility is seen in the work she has done with such diverse artists as Grace Jones, Nancy Wilson, Billy Dee Williams, Heavy D, Kathleen Battle, Cassandra Wilson, and Queen Latifah. She teaches fashion courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Laboratory Institute of Merchandising (LIM). She also serves as a Contributing Fashion Editor and Writer for The Ave Magazine, a progressive urban life style magazine targeting men and women ages 18 to 35.

You will learn as it pertains to today's new economy:

The benefits of write-ups

What Public Relations is, why write-ups are good PR, how write-ups can affect sales, why fashion magazines have so much influence over consumer purchases, which fashion magazines work best for your product and why, written publications vs. web publications, and the difference between write-ups and advertising.

How to get write ups on you, your product, and your company

How to reach relevant editors, tips on writing a “good” press release that editors will respond to, what hot/tip sheets are, how Fashion Stylists’ can help get write-ups.

Press Outreach

How to build a database of contacts, the best way to cold call editors, how to build relationships with editors, networking, what publicists do.

Spin Techniques

How to attract editors to your product/company and gets write-ups, how to develop angles to make your product/company/yourself sound press worthy, ways to get celebrity support and alignment, ways to align with charities or current events to generate press while helping a cause.

Editorial Calendars and timelines

How to find deadline dates to submit and be featured in special issues whether it’s a monthly national publication, monthly local publication, weekly publication, or daily publication.

This 2 1/2 - hour workshop is hands on, and a great place to network, meet, and learn. It includes invaluable information. And gives you the knowledge you need to get write-ups for your company, it teaches you how to take your business to the next level and become press savvy. A question and answer period will follow so you can get your questions answered.

*No recording devices permitted // cost: $175

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