Cube Gallery: "Indelible Souls" Reid McLachlan + Becky Mason

Indelible Souls

August 5, 2009 until August 30, 2009 // Cube Gallery // Ottawa, ON Canada

Cube Gallery presents "Indelible Souls". Indelible Souls showcases their startlingly diverse styles and subject matter and yet reveals how they are intrinsically bound by the passions they share.

Rebecca Mason from Chelsea Quebec, has exhibited her work in Ontario and Quebec since 1988. She studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto where she first developed her unique painting style. Working on handcrafted sheets of Japanese paper, Mason takes inspiration from her natural surroundings with water, trees, canoes and mountains as the central themes. "Responding to my environment as an expressive colourist, I use nature as my inspiration. It is somewhat like writing a poem on the page using watercolour and brushes as the vehicle to capture my sense of place."

Reid McLachlan explores what it means to be human through faith, identity and mortality in his powerful figurative paintings. These large oil works focus on the artist's own personal ghosts, but they also speak to the hopes, worries and fears in all of us. No matter what your reaction you will not be left unmoved by the intensity and power of these images. "In my paintings I am exploring the universal themes of the human condition and searching for meaning, understanding and hope in our self-centred, material obsessed society."

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