Pool Gallery presents: Natasza Niedziolka "Year of the Peacock"

Super-rainbow,-2008 - Natasza Niedziolka

Conference 180x170cm 2008 - Natasza Niedziolka

180x170cm Nat - Natasza Niedziolka

NN-2008 - Natasza Niedziolka

Multicolored twine cascading from the clouds, a circle of ice cream cones, an open umbrella, a giant monster with gaping jaws - the array of forms in the works of Berlin's resident Polish Artist Natasza Niedziolka seem to have sprung from a child's imagination.

Her color palette reminiscent of a jumbo box of crayons, she saturates the white canvases with an assortment of contrasting shades, gradients, and blocks of colors. With the careful arrangement of geometric elements, patterns unfold, somehow folkloric yet maintaining a playful essence that is characteristic of her work.

Circles dominate her paintings, though are not the cornerstone: the colorful circles unite to form edges, which Niedziolka arranges in such a way that they form further rounded edges. And in those rare occasions when there is no centrally placed circle, the canvas is split, creating a collision of two elements and a horizontal division of the surface. Predominantly in the middle and large-sized works, there is an experimentation with the combination of form, color, and material - resulting in collage-like works not only out of paper, acryilc, oil paint and twine, but less traditional materials as well, including grains of rice and staples.

Amidst a consistent incorporation of figurative aspects that generate a sort of narrative, Niedzolka retains a sufficient amount of the abstract, offering room for various interpretations.

Year of the Peacock is Natasza Niedziolka's second exhibition.

Vernissage: Friday, May 1, 2009 // 7 pm - 11 pm // Exhibition: May 2, 2009 until June 13, 2009

Pool Gallery // tucholskystr.38 10117 Berlin, Germany // 49.30.24342462

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