Every 1: A Group Exibition @ Hang Art

Ed Calhoun // Love Conquers All // 24 x 36 // Latex on wood panel // 2009

July 1, 2009 until July 15, 2009 // Hang Art // San Francisco, CA

HANG ART is pleased to present Every 1, a group show of new works by all HANG ART artists. On view from July 1 – 15, 2009, this exhibition is a collaboration and homage to the Hang Art collective spirit. Each of the gallery’s talented artists exhibits one piece from their current collections. All works in this show are of a variety of sizes and mediums. The only thematic requirement for this group exhibition is that the art incorporated best encapsulates where the artists are situated creatively and currently.

For eleven years HANG ART has offered a wide range of exceptional local artwork at attainable price points to loyal and worldwide clients for both sale and rental. Their selection of fresh artwork continues to thrive and evolve. Exhibiting works from each artist gives loyal clients and enthusiasts a glimpse into the current workings and interpretations of the artists involved with the HANG ART program.

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