Carmichael Gallery: "A Mirror Distorted" Andrea Michaelsson, Candice Tripp, Cherri Wood, Pam Glew

August 6, 2009 until August 27, 2009 // Carmichael Gallery // West Hollywood, CA // opening reception Thursday August 6, 2009 // 19h – 22h

Carmichael Gallery presents "A Mirror Distorted"
The show features four talented female artists from Spain, South Africa, The USA and the UK. Andrea Michaelsson, Candice Tripp, Cherri Wood and Pam Glew have each created beautiful bodies of work that explore beauty, pain, vulnerability and strength.

Andrea Michaelsson

Andrea Michaelsson began her career as a photographer of the colorful characters and situations that compose urban life in Barcelona. From these snapshots evolved striking stencil portraits woven into the fabric of the city’s streets. Although much of her work was destroyed following the government’s decree to eradicate graffiti, Andrea has remained an influential player in the Catalan street art scene. Based in the vibrant district of El Ravel, she and partner Ilia Mayer continue to paint both in Spain and around the world as the collective Btoy. Andrea has exhibited in galleries and events in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK and the US. Her prints are produced by UK publishing house Pictures on Walls. Publications featuring her work include ROJO, Overspray, Stencil History X and the book “BTOY” by Belio.

Pam Glew

English artist Pam Glew creates striking portraits of women on a variety of vintage media, including fabrics, metal, antique book paper and other aged materials. Her distinctive aesthetic is achieved through a unique creative process involving ink, ammonia, bleach, and spray paint. Pam has been particularly lauded in recent years for her series of hand-worked and sewn flags, which she has exhibited in galleries across the UK and USA. One of a select group of strong female urban artists working today, Pam’s pieces hang in collections throughout North America and Europe. She lives and works in Brighton, England.

Cherri Wood

Cherri Wood is a young illustrator based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Describing her pieces as “a cluster of ink explosions,” she frequently splashes the paper and canvas with liquid ranging from diet coke to tea and smudges it with willow charcoal and graphite. Cherri has exhibited her work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and London.

Candice Tripp

Candice Tripp was born in 1985 in Cape Town, South Africa. The self-taught artist relocated to the UK upon completion of her high school education in 2004 to pursue fashion design at Central Saint Martins. She discontinued her plans for university in 2007 with the booking of her first solo show in Newcastle. Now twenty-three, she has exhibited her work in Los Angeles, London, Newcastle, Vienna and Berlin. Candice most recently enjoyed a successful solo exhibition at Lazarides Gallery, Newcastle. She currently lives and works in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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