(Berlin) Pool Gallery presents: Ismaël Bennani: "Trop Mignon"

Pool Gallery presents: Ismaël Bennani - Trop Mignon

Pool Gallery presents: Ismaël Bennani: "Trop Mignon" // June 25, 2009 until June 28, 2009 // Opening reception: Thursday, June 25, 2009 // 7 pm - 11 pm // Pool Gallery Tucholskystr 38
10117 Berlin, Germany
// fon: 49.30.24342462

Ismaël Bennani is not a hamster; but for a special four-day performance at Pool Gallery, he will become one, in an exploration of voyeurism in today's society.

In Trop Mignon ('Too Cute'), Bennani focuses specifically on the voyeuristic fascination we all seem to have with the mundane, the ordinary - the guy across the courtyard, the lady next door. What is it that is so interesting about someone doing the same things that we all do? Is it merely the fact that they don't know you're watching?

The hamster you might keep as a pet, living next to you in your home yet with which you do not really interact; the hamster, there to watch as it sits in its cage, digging in the seeds and woodchips, maybe cleaning itself, running in its wheel; the hamster as the bored neighbor that you watch through the window as they cook themselves dinner, read a book, hang their laundry to dry.

Ismaël Bennani, born in L'Ariana, Tunis, currently lives and works in Berlin.

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