Join The Q - Out Now

Join The Q - Out Now

The Qemists - 2009's underground dance music superstars. "Join The Q" meshes the high energy of drum'n'bass and rock with a wide-ranging set of sounds that betray the fact that the mysterious trio were a band before they took to the decks. Dancehall, metal, electro, grime and hip hop all make their presence known across the album thanks to a host of respected guest vocalists. It's like ram raiding the best record shop in West London with your Saxo's ICE turned up to drown out the alarm.

The Qems have hooked up with the most established names in their fields. Faith No More's legendary mischief-causing vocalist Mike Patton. Wiley, the godfather of grime slots in perfectly over distorted Brit-hop beats and layers of guitars for "Dem Na Like Me", his filthiest track ever. UK champion beatboxer Beardyman with "Soundface", a jaw-dropping accapella track like nothing that's come before. Devlin Love from Alabama 3 adds soul to the savage energy of "S.W.A.G". There's also a huge host of names from the drum'n'bass scene, from Jenna G, the queen of d'n'b, to veteran MC Navigator, via Friction's mouthpiece MC ID.

- Namico

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