Migrant Dreams and Signs: Raffaele Nastro and Nello Caruso

Migrant Dreams and Signs: Raffaele Nastro and Nello Caruso

Raffaele Nastro // Title: "untitled 1" // Size: 80 x 80 x 2 centimeters (width x height x depth), 1 kilograms
Medium: Oil Painting

2008-10-11 until 2008-10-26
Il Ramo d'Oro
Naples, Italy

Il Ramo d'Oro in Naples, Italy presents "Migrant Dreams and Signs: Raffaele Nastro and Nello Caruso" from October 11 through 26, 2008. Two very different artists for history and personality show points of arrival and current interests surprisingly similar in this double solo exhibition. Il Ramo d'Oro promotes their artists with a Gallery Portfolio at The gallery is a not for profit art gallery active in Naples, Italy, since the 2000. It has arranged in its exhibition space many artistic, social and cultural events cooperating with regional, national and international institutions. Its activity is characterized by the attention to foreign artists and for the effort to promote Italian artists abroad.

Raffaele Nastro's images all reflect glaucous enchantments, they vibrate with cromatic lights, pulsate with throbs and are alive with slipping and visual urgency, also with shadows and furtive figural imprints regulated in a net of frenetic impulses.

Fast marks, coloured in brilliant colours, motivate and equip with a central resonance and in peripheral areas. His paintings are characterized by fluid and vibrant gestures which signify graphic responsability and rhytmical substance.

The informal production of Raffaele Nastro nurtures corporal gestures, memorial accents, symbolic resolutions of successive and sound linguistic maturity.

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