Hands On with the First Google Phone and New MacBooks. SDHC Memory

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What's up with Apple hating on Blu-ray? "A bag of hurt?" that's harsh, Steve
T-Mobile's G1? AKA the first phone with Google's Android? We've got a hands on review, thanks to Ryan Block... keep an eye out for the launch of his new site,
New MacBook and MacBook Pro? We've got them in studio, too, thanks to Engadget's fearless leader, Joshua Topolsky!

TV Calibration from BestBuy. We got a lot of letters from Geek Squad employees: the "Elite Service Specialists" do nothing but calibrate TVs, and they're all ISF certified... that's a good combo!

This week's Freebie download pick is for the OS X crowd: Carbon Copy Cloner. This simple OS X app clones, synchronizes or backups your hard drive, and can create a complete bootable backup of your existing hard disk onto another drive be it internal, external or even on a network!

Is the Dell Studio HybridApple's Mac mini? Good question, Andrew! We show off the Studio Hybrid and go point to point between the two.

Would the Asus Eee Box make a good HTPC? Sure, Sam, if you don't want Blu-ray, or the simplicity of an Apple TV or Windows Media Center Extender.

Jason in Phoenix wants to know if those virtual surround sound bars that sit under your TV are any good... for under $300. Veronica's got the scoop, and a recco: Sony's HT-CT100 got great reviews from Cnet, and can be had for under $300. (You can also chck out the Sony Bravia DAV-HDX500 Panasonic SC-PT660

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