TRS: Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Spore, Burn After Reading, Fringe, True Blood


Alex, Dan, and Jeff named last year's Cohen Bros masterpiece, No Country for Old Men, the TRS movie of the year. The newest offering from Joel and Ethan is quite different. Are the guys as ebullient about Burn After Reading?

There are pictures of California's Governor on the set of the new Terminator film. The guys speculate on the merits of putting Arnold's head on another actor's body.

Video Games:

Lucasarts has pulled out all the stops in making the newest Star Wars game, integrating the story into official Star Wars canon, and taking the usual limits off when it comes to using the force. As huge Star Wars fans, Alex, Dan, and Jeff decide if The Force Unleashed really is the video game experience they've always dreamed of.

No video game has generated more hype and greater anticipation than Will Wright's Spore. Now that the game is finally out, have the guys' opinions evolved?


Is JJ Abrams newest series, Fringe a throwback to the must-see goodness of X-Files, or have Alex, Dan, and Jeff been there and done that?

After last week's review of Towelhead, and the guys' love of Six Feet Under, expectations are high for Alan Ball's latest offering, the HBO series, True Blood. How did the first episode stack up?

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