Thinkspace Gallery: Lesley Reppeteaux

Tumbling new works from Lesley Reppeteaux // September 12, 2008 until October 3, 2008 // Opening reception with the artist: Friday September 12, 2008 // 7pm - 11pm

(Los Angeles) Thinkspace Gallery presents Tumbling featuring new paintings from Portland-based artist Lesley Reppeteaux in her second solo exhibition with Thinkspace Gallery.

Tumbling: to fall helplessly down, end over end, as by losing one's footing, support, or equilibrium; to plummet, spill, stumble, or topple; to plunge headlong.

Lesley Reppeteaux is a storyteller whose paintings are deeply affected by the marriage of art and literature. Drawing influences from the Art Nouveau movement, vintage postcards, and the wonder of nature, the characters in her work celebrate strong ethereal beauty and invoke a femininity whose power is all-encompassing. Through a mindful balance of vision and improvisation, Reppeteaux submerges her viewers in an exploration of themes consisting of dream-like adventures and otherworldly mysteries.

With "Tumbling", Reppeteaux has created a series of works based on the Greek Myth of Hades and Persephone. As with all myths, the story of Persephone is an allegory of life, which itself is a mixture of happiness and sadness; love and hatred; loyalty and betrayal.

She prefers her clothes splattered with acrylic paint, and her workspace filled with tipped jars of brushes and numerous children books. She travels extensively and has lived in Canada, Europe, and all over the U.S.A. Reppeteaux currently resides in Portland, OR - home of zines, strong coffee, and galoshes.

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