Yancey Richardson Gallery : Hellen van Meene

Yancey Richardson Gallery : Hellen van Meene

Until October 22, 2011 The Yancey Richardson Gallery presents an exhibition of new work by Hellen van Meene, continuing the artist's decades-long exploration into photographic portraiture. The exhibition includes several new portraits of adolescent girls, each one characterized by the artist's extraordinary use of light and elicitation of her subject ' s psychological state. Notably, the selection also includes a series of formal portraits of dogs, a distinctly new direction within the artist 's oeuvre. This is van Meene' s third solo exhibition at the gallery.

The intimately scaled female portraits in the exhibition were all shot in Russia and in the artist's hometown of Heiloo, The Netherlands. Characteristic of van Meene' s style, the portraits reflect an introspective mood, unveiling a moment of acute psychological poignancy. In Untitled, St. Petersburg (above), van Meene has returned to a model she previously photographed, whom the artist met in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2007. Formerly a girl in the midst of awkward adolescence, she appears now both physically and psychologically exposed as a nude young woman, bright red lipstick and black wig her only staged adornment. Directly engaging the viewer, the model's coolly blank expression and brilliant blue eyes offer an intriguing glimpse into her psyche.

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