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Hieroglyphics crew member and one-fourth of Souls Of Mischief, A-Plus is excited to announce the release of his new EP, Pepper Spray, now available for free download courtesy of Compound 7. The EP serves as the first of four in Compound 7's rock-inspired Tribute Series EP's, and accompanying each EP will be a special, limited edition t-shirt designed by Counter Balance, available here.

A-Plus and Compound 7 plan to release four installments for their rock-inspired Tribute Series EP's, collaborating with different artists for each project after this initial EP. Included in the series is an EP with Del The Funky Homosapien, which samples music by Rage Against The Machine, one with Opio, that flips music from the White Stripes, and finally the Nirvana inspired production with Eligh. "We started out real grass roots when creating Pepper Spray," explains A-Plus. "Pepper Spray was the first EP completed, and it was coming along so well that it inspired me to do more with other favorite bands of mine."

The first EP will take on the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers aptly named Pepper Spray. Rather than recreate a single album from the group, A-Plus' EP will pull from their entire discography, sampling various songs from the legendary group's deep catalog, including classics such as "Give It Away," "Californication," "By The Way," and "Hey Oh" "Basically," says AAGEE on his choosing of songs to flip, "we decided what songs were our favorites, and from there it was all about figuring out how well each of those songs translated with our production style and what we were trying to accomplish on Pepper Spray."

In addition to his forthcoming EP releases, A-Plus will also be busy on the road this summer, performing a number of solo dates in addition to some very special performances with Souls Of Mischief. Souls Of Mischief will be performing a number of dates across the country this summer, including four stops as a part of the 2011 Rock The Bells Festival, where the group will be performing their long-time classic, '93 Til Infinity, in its entirety. Fans can find links to purchase tickets and keep up with all developing show information for A-Plus and Souls Of Mischief here:

Later this year, once all four free EP's have been released, A-Plus also has plans for two new retail releases, which include brand new solo albums, Return Of Good Time Charlie and another called Molly's Dirty Water that will serve as a collaborative effort with AAGEE. "Both projects are different," explains A-Plus. "Return Of Good Time Charlie is more of a traditional progression for me – b-boy-style story telling – like my last album. For Molly's Dirty Water, AAGEE is on there. It's more fun – party, get drunk and smoke some weed type shit. Less b-boy bravado."

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