mondomedeusah creative arts group : Louis Cabri - the Transparency Machine. A reading and presentation by Louis Cabri @ Gallery 101.

Louis Cabri; B.A. (Carleton), M.A. (Calgary), Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania), specializes in modernist, postmodernist, and contemporary American poetry and poetics, with secondary specializations in critical theory and Canadian and Québécois poetry and poetics. His areas of interest include poetry’s social address, poetic formal innovation, poetry in relation to theory, philosophy, and art, poetry movements/moments/institutions, and the Canada-USA-France-USSR poetic intertext. His recent essays and papers consider work by Bruce Andrews, Peter Inman, Frank O’Hara, Catriona Strang, Fred Wah, Pound, and Zukofsky, poetry’s “social command” propounded by Osip Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky, and the literary nonce-word. Current projects include a study of Zukofsky and the Language Poets, a collection of essays on contemporary poetics, and anthologizing a poets-in-dialogue series he edited and curated (PhillyTalks, 1997-2001). Cabri's poetry book The Mood Embosser (Coach House Books) was acclaimed as a 2003 Book of the Year by the Small Press Traffic Literary Arts Center (San Francisco).

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