Windows Weekly: Microsoft Kills OneCare, Xbox New Experience, Holiday recommendations

Microsoft - Windows Marketplace

(running time: 1:16:40)

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Hosts: Paul Thurrott with Leo Laporte

Microsoft Kills OneCare, Plans Free "Morro"

Xbox New Experience; new games Left 4 Dead and Far Cry 2

New Zune prices on flash devices, accessories

Zune 3.1 with a few new features

Rent to Own: Zune Pass subscribers now get 10 free tracks per month

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 3 is on the way

Windows Mobile: IE 6 only on new devices


Holiday recommendations:
If you have an iPod: Universal Dock ($49) + AV cable ($49)

If you have a Zune: Home AV Pack (dock, remote, cables - $59)

Otherwise… WD TV HD Media Player ($129 + USB hard drive, memory key)

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